Event Building Checklist

Here are Convene's bulk upload templates which segment the required content by each main section.

Event Details

Content Other Info
Event Name Required
Event Date(s) Required
Event Description  The event's description, the "about."
Event Info Label Required; Optionally override the label in Convene's Main Menu
Sponsor Label Required; Optionally override the Sponsor label in Convene's Event Info; Event Schedule
Exhibitor Label Required; Optionally override the label in Convene's Main Menu
Twitter Handle Optional; Ex: @thomsonreuters; For Convene's "Social" feed.
Twitter Hashtag Optional; Ex: #yourevent15; For Convene's "Social" feed.
Enable Attendee List Option to enable or disable the Attendee List for the event.
Attendee List Label Option to override the "Attendee List' as it's displayed in Convene's Main Menu with another name.
Enable Event Feedback Toggle all of the event feedback on/off.
Enable Session Feedback    Toggle all the sessions feedback on/off
Image An event image
Attachment(s) Optional: Upload PDFs attachments to share with all attendees.
Event Email Address An email address that will be provided to attendees.


Content Other Info
Venue Name The name of the event's venue, e.g., "Moscone West"
Venue Street The venue's street address
Venue City The venue's city
Venue State The venue's state (if applicable)
Venue Zipcode The venue's postal code

Venue Country
The venue's country
Map Optional: A map/indoor schematic for the venue.


Content Other Info
Name The name of the Track to be added.
Description Optional but recommended, a description of the Track


Content Other Info
Salutation Optional; Ex: Mrs., Mr., Dr., Ms.
First Name Speaker's first name
Last Name Speaker's surname
Suffix Optional; Ex: M.D., PHD., Esq.
Description Optional; The speaker's full biography
Title Optional; The speaker's job title
Company Optional; The speaker's company
Website URL Optional; The speaker's website, ex: http://www.thomsonreuters.com
Email Address Optional; The speaker's email address.
Twitter Handle Optional; The speaker's Twitter handle (don't include the "@")
Image Optional; The speaker's headshot, cropped around the face, 250x250.


Content Other Info
Address The venue's address/name.

Content Other Info
Question Add a question.
Answer Answer the question