General Getting Started Guide

[ATTENTION: Convene app is retiring at the end of 2019 and will not be available for use starting 1 st Jan 2020. For any questions, please contact]

Launching an event in Convene is a process oriented journey. The following are the things we think are helpful to put thought into days before you want to launch the Convene app. These tips are not meant to disrupt your flow, rather, to provide helpful guidelines from the start to finish of the event building process. Before getting started, here's a content checklist of things you'll need to build an event. 

(1) Getting started with the Convene app

Spend time becoming familiar with Convene's current capabilities. Install and explore the app. We've even built a demo event for you to explore. 

(2) Create a Convene Manager team

Convene Manager is the Convene app's CMS (content management system). It's where you will supply content, like tracks, speaker, sponsors, sessions and more. All of the content that you enter into the CMS will appear in the Convene app. You'll create a team and then invite others to your team so they can help build events!

(3) Create a New Event

Creating a new event is easy, there's even a wizard to walk you through filling out the requirement data.

(4)  Beta Test the Event

When you're ready to proof the app, you'll make it live, but don't upload everyone just yet. Only add your immediate team so that they can help beta test the app.

(5) Consider how you'll build awareness about the Convene app

You went to all this trouble to supply an app, now factor in how to promote it so that people know about it and want to use it.