Marketing Convene For Maximum Exposure

Event app adoption is vital in order to get any value from your app. Make sure to promote the app to all participants and emphasize the benefits. Here are a few possibilities to promote your app: 

  • Add a section promoting the app in the registration confirmation email
  • Include your app in newsletters and other email updates that you send out before the event
  • Promote your app on your event website homepage
  • Show a pop-up (smart banner) to mobile visitors on your event website (pop-up message: “install the app” or “continue to website”)
  • Promote the app at the entrance of your event with banners or even a promotional team to welcome delegates and assist them in installing the app
  • Add a standard slide at the beginning of certain sessions to urge people to install the app for upcoming interactions (voting, Q&A, rating)
  • Add a standard slide at the end of each speaker session to ask for session rating in the app
  • Consider providing certain information exclusively in the app. Many high-stake conferences ban paper and the app is the only place to nd the schedule and stay up- to-date 


During the Event

These include business card type marketing messages that attendees pick up at onsite registration with mention about Convene; what it is, what it does, how it can be used and how it benefits the attendee.



A single page flyer included at registration and that attendees collect with their registration packet.


Placed on an easel strategically at high-traffic points in the venue to build awareness about Convene. This sparks interest and gets people exploring about the benefits. Many times the posterboard is the first thing people see about Convene, which leads them to ask, “where do I get the app?”

Each poster board should contain different information about Convene actions.

  • Tweet about the event from Convene!
  • Mark your favorites
  • Search for your favorite speaker!
  • Connect with Attendees

Give attendees a contextual variety about all the possible use cases in Convene.