Session Bulk Upload

The following depicts each of the content types for the Session bulk upload templates.

  1. To Bulk Upload, sign into Convene Manager.
  2. Click into an Event
  3. Click on Sessions
  4. Click on Bulk Upload located in the upper right of the screen
  5. Select a CSV file to import and download an import template

    Note: do NOT alter the headers in any way (including deleting columns).

  6. Select UPLOAD and the file is uploaded.

Content Details

  • Name
    • The name of the session.
  • Description
    • The session's description.
    • Could be a sentence, could be several paragraphs.
  • Start date
    • format: MM/DD/YYYY
  • Start time
    • format: HH:MM
  • End date
    • format: MM/DD/YYYY
  • End time
    • format: HH:MM
  • Track
    • Any of the tracks added in the Tracks section.
  • Room
    • Any of the rooms added in the Rooms section.
  • Type
    • Option: Regular
    • Option: Keynote
    • Option: Panel
    • Option: Discussion
    • Option: Breakfast
    • Option: Lunch
    • Option: Dinner
    • Option: Break
    • Option: Networking
    • Option: Social
  • Display in activity list
    • TRUE = Show this session in the "Activity List" in the "Event Info" section of Convene.
    • FALSE = Do Not Show this session in the "Activity List" in the "Event Info" section of Convene.
  • Poll url
    • A Poll URL, such as a Survey Monkey or Live Poll.
  • Speakers
    • Speaker(s) names separated by semicolon. No Mr., Mrs., or .PHD or Esq.. Simply first name last name; first name last name; first name last name
    • Separarte multuple speakers by semicolon, ex: Matt Khoury; John Smith; Jane Smith
  • Enable session feedback
    • TRUE = Session Ratings & Feedback is enabled.
    • FALSE = Session Ratings & Feedback is not enabled.