Configuring Live Polling for International SMS

[Feature no longer offered by Convene, however you may still use this service with your own paid subscription.]

International Polling

You can poll international participants – whether they are sitting together in one location or dispersed around the globe. There are several ways in which your international audience can participate:

  • Web responses on the presenter’s custom polling page
  • International SMS text message responses
  • Twitter responses
  • The Poll Everywhere App from the app store, available for iPhone & Android

Configure your poll for International Text Messaging

Changing the text message coverage area will change the phone number that appears on your polls so that people can vote from various places in the world. For more information about international text messaging (or if you are dealing with a mixed international audience), please checkout PollEverywhere's International SMS Coverage page for more information.

For more, please visit PollEverywhere's support page on International Polling.