Convene Sponsorships & Info

Convene supports any number of sponsorship levels, and sponsors are depicted in two places in the Convene mobile app.

  1. The Event Schedule, in the Highlights Carousel, which scrolls horizontally and showcases all event sponsors.
  2. The Event Info section, where sponsors are depicted in sponsorship level hierarchy.
  3. Optionally: Full Page Splash Screen

1. Event Schedule

The highlights carousel (shown below) horizontally scrolls (left and right). Every sponsor appears here, and sponsors are listed according to their sponsorship level. For example, if the event has Platinum, Gold, and Silver levels, then all sponsors in the Platinum group will be shown first, followed by Gold, and finally, Silver.

2. Event Info Section

Sponsors appear in the Event Info section of Convene in their sponsorship level groups. For example, if the event has Platinum, Gold, and Silver levels, then, this section will show a label for "Platinum" and one for "Gold" and one for "Silver" - and each sponsor will appear in the applicable sponsorship bucket.


3. Optional Event App Sponsor (Full Splash Page)

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As an optional feature, you may offer a full splash page advertisement as an individual sponsorship. This is an interstitial screen that appears automatically for everyone one time as the app pulls content for the event, and when complete, the user may progress through into the Event Schedule.

It's a full page advertisement that depicts the:

  1. Sponsor name
  2. URL
  3. Logo
  4. Biography
  5. Email Address
  6. Attachments (White papers, etc)

Sponsor Details

Every sponsor contains the following information:

  1. Logo
  2. Name
  3. URL
  4. Location (onsite)
  5. Map
  6. Biography
  7. Attachments