Attendee List

Convene's native apps feature an Attendee List (that may be rebranded) to showcase all the names and profiles of each attendee. The list can show all the people who registered for the event.

The Attendee List is a place where attendees can share as much or as little about themselves with other attendees. It is mostly driven by the individual attendee. Should an event organizer upload attendee as visible by default, then each attendees's name will show (nothing else). The attendee must take the next action and build their profile or make themselves visible to others. Attendee may build their profiles in one of two ways:

  1. Simply connect to LinkedIn and Convene will import and share their professional profile.
  2. Manually build their profile.

The event organizer controls:

  1. Attendee List availability.
  2. Individual attendee profile on attendee upload.

Here's how the attendee list works:

For private events, event managers will upload attendees to the event. During the upload, you may set each attendees default visible status. If the attendee visibility status is invisible, then when the attendee "converts" and starts to use Convene then they will be hidden from view so that other attendees cannot see them in the list. On the flip side, if the visibility status is visible, then when the attendee "converts" and starts to use Convene then they will be visible by all attendees. Attendees may control their visibility status at all times. Only attendees that convert, i.e., sign into Convene, will appear in the list. This is for privacy reasons because we want attendees to be in complete control of their data, and because an attendee has a choice if they want their information to appear in the attendee list or not. Feel free to Question on the attendee list