Event Schedule Consists of Several Components

The Event Schedule is broken into several components.

  1. Event Schedule
  2. Favorites
  3. Highlights Carousel
  4. Track Filter
  5. Main Menu
  6. Day Navigation


  1. Event Schedule

  2. Twitter - Located in the upper right corner of all screens, tap on the Twitter icon to Tweet from anyone in Convene.

  3. Favorites - Favorite Sessions Activities to build your conference agenda. View your favorites any time, anywhere in Convene by tapping the Favorites menu in the upper right corner.

  4. Highlights Carousel - The highlights carousel is for Event Organizers to highlight Sessions/Activities and Sponsors. Sponsors, by default, will always appear in the Event Schedule. Sessions, however, are optional. Showcase a VIP speaker, keynote address, etc.

  5. Track Filter - Should the event have more than 1 Track, users may filter on Tracks of interest. A Track is a way to group sessions based on themes.

  6. Main Menu - From the Main Menu, you can explore everywhere in Convene, from Attendees to Speakers to Event Information to Exhibitors and more.

  7. Day Navigation - If the event is greater than 1 day, you can tap the Arrow in the right corner of the Event Schedule or by simply swiping left and right to navigate between days.