General Error Messages, Connectivity Issues

When signing into Convene, the app requires an active valid internet connection. Sometimes our mobile device show that we're connected to the internet when in fact, we're connect to the Wifi network but not authorized for whatever reason.

If you receive a "connection" error message try this:

  1. Ensure that your internet connection is active. To do this, open the device's browser and type in: If the site loads, your internet connection is active. If it doesn't, there's a problem with the internet at the venue, either switch off Wifi and use your cellular data or contact a venue administrator.
  2. When you internet connection is valid, go back to Convene, and try to sign-in again.

If you're connected to Wifi and the Wifi doesn't appear to be connected to the internet, sometimes it's helpful to disable and enable the Wifi setting on your phone. That will reset your connection and might re-authorize your device to the venue's Wifi.

Generally, mobile LTE data is too good these days you don't have to use a venue's internet, unless you have a very limited internet plan. However, please note that Convene uses very, very little data.