Convene Server, iOS, Android Update v2.8

Self Account Creation
A new feature that improves the user experience at that critical introductory point.

Open & Invite Only event types

  • Now, organizers have an option for how they introduce their event to registrants, do the account management for each person or let everyone self-register.
  • This also opens more doors of opportunity for Convene, for example: Some events are open to the public and don’t have a “registration system.”
  • Think about other event types that are only accessible via ticket sales. Buy your ticket, go to the convention center and dive in.

New Event Status toggles

  • We’ve simplified the process of moving an event from a “not activated” to “activated” to “archived” state - with single buttons.
  • The current process takes 3 clicks to change 1 state. The new process takes 1 click.
  • Simplifying this action simplifies the UX, and people like simple.

Content Management toggles
Admins have greater control around Convene’s features, which is good failsafe option to have.

Scaling the backend

  • creating platform capable of doing large (hundreds of thousands of people) events
  • delivering content as quickly as possible to users, (speaking to that cacheing layer).