Attendee to Attendee Business Card Exchange

Convene now generates a "V-Card" that packages up all of your contact information into a QR code, and as always, you are in complete control of your personal information. 

To exchange contact information with another attendee, do this...

1. Open Convene and go to the Main Menu, and in iOS tap on "QR Scanner" and on Android tap on "My QR Code."

(Android below) 

2. Skip this step on Android! On iOS, tap on the "My QR Code" tab.

3. Ask your new friend or colleague to open the QR Scanner on their device in Convene (or out).

4. Voila! Your information will be shared with the person that scanned your code!

The information scanned will be placed in your device's address book. 

Congrats! Digital contact information has been exchanged!