Convene app v3.3 Released!

Today we are launching Convene v3.3 in the  Apple App Store and  Google Play Store and there are many things to tell you about!
Let's tackle iOS first! We've added some life to the Event Schedule! For starters, when a session start time nears, Convene begins a countdown, and when a session finishes, we'll let you know the time it finished. Also, for breaks, there's a teacup (steam included!) that animates in count-down form.
For Attendees traveling to an event across time-zones, we added time-zone indicators. When your device's time-zone doesn't match the event's time-zone, Convene will let you know. This way, you'll always know where to go and when to be there so don't miss a thing!
For Android, "parity" is the name of the game! Now Convene will remind Attendees when their favorite sessions are about to begin. Favorite a session, allow reminders, and you’re all set!
We enhanced speaker profiles quite a bit too, and this release adds support for Speakers that are also on Twitter. Now Attendees have more Speaker bio information available, including the Speaker's last two tweets on Twitter!
Like iOS, Android also added some life to the Event Schedule. Now, Attendees can email Sponsors and Exhibitors, and finally, we added Multi-Window support so two apps can run in split-screen mode!
With every release, we always squash a few bugs to ensure your experience with Convene is better than ever! 

We love feedback, so please let us know how we're doing . Got an idea to make Convene better? Tell us about it here !