Announcing Convene 3.2 - Session Check-In/Out

Today, we launched Convene v3.2 in the  Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This update introduces a new feature (beta) for attendees to scan a QR code to check in and out of sessions, along with a new report in the Convene Manager to monitor attendance.

  1. Install the Convene app for iOS & Android and sign-up. Open the Convene app and find the session that you want to check into.

  2. Look for a QR code near the session room. You'll scan one QR code to check in and another to check out. Attendance is logged!

That's it!

As an event manager, you can run session attendance reports to see a real-time view of attendance. Sign into the Convene Manager, find a session and you'll see a new attendance tab. Open it to view live session attendance! 

This feature is in beta and we're working hard to enhance it. We love feedback, so let us know how we're doing.

Step 1: Configure an Event for Check In/Out

Set Session Check-In to ON. Doing this enables the feature, it does not activate it. You must activate check-in/out on each session to enable the functionality.

Step 2: Configure Each Session

On each session record, go to the Session Check-In widget and select whether you want check-in and check-out to be enabled. Doing so, will enable the feature in the Convene app for this session.

Step 3: Open Convene, find Session(s) with Check-In/Out Enabled

The QR scanner is found in  3 places in Convene

Step 4: Configure QR Codes

*** Contact Convene Support for instructions on how to configure the Session Check In and Session Check Out QR codes.

Step 5: Open Convene, Scan a QR Code

See screenshot directly above for where session check-in scanner is located. More scanning options  here.

Step 6: View Attendance Report on Session Details

Navigate to the session and you'll land at Session Details. Near the top of the screen, click on the "Attendance" tab to view the attendance report.