Convene Manager 2.0 Launches!

Today, we're incredibly excited to announce the soft-launch of Convene Manager 2.0! In the past 9 months we've completely re-written Convene's content management system to make it easier to manage your events. For more information, please read on or  sign up now to start building your next event!

For mid-to-late September (and beyond) events, start building them now in  Convene Manager!


"Soft Launch" is just our way of saying that we'll be tuning the system over the next 2 weeks and you probably won't notice a thing. Quality is always top of mind for us. Rest assured that Manager 2.0 has been through an exhaustive quality assurance process and your data is safe. 

If you find an issue, please help us fix it by:

  1. Screenshot it 
  2. Click here to send us an email
  3. Provide details on how to recreate the issue

Lastly, the Convene mobile apps (iOS/Android) for Manager 2.0 will go live the week of September 6th. We'll send another announcement when they are ready.


  • For help on getting started, go here
  • For help on creating a new team, go here
  • For help on adding team members, go here

Contact us with any questions!